Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tuesday night Gaming

Every tuesday night it's gaming day at our local hobby shop. Normally we play Dystopian Wars 2vs2 but this time i played a game with a buddy of mine called 'Axis & Allies: War at Sea'.

A&A WaS is a fast-paced naval wargame with miniatures on a squared-map. It's a very fun & addicitve game. The only downside imo is that you have to collect the miniatures, meaning you must keep buying blisters till you finally got that rare one everybody is looking after. Thank God for ebay! Almost every miniature is available seperately on there. Watch out cause some ultra-rare mini's can be expensive, like the Fw200 Condor, going over 20$ sometimes! I remember paying almost 15$ for the French Richelieu battleship.

Normally i play British while my buddy plays with the Italian fleet. Most sculpt of these mini's are good, some are excellent while others are very bad (HMS Warspite). Movement is square-based. Most ships move 2 squares, and shooting is also square-based.

Be sure to check it out, it's very fun. The starter blister contains about 10 ships i believe, together with maps, damage tokens & rulebook. The rules can be downloaded for free (very low learning curve).

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  1. I should have sunk your carrier when I had the chance you filthy battleship sinking English