Monday, October 24, 2011

The Red Devils

"I consider it an honor to belong to this regiment," Lt. Charles Montgomery wrote; "The regular officers cannot speak too highly of us." One Southern soldier told a captive Zouave, "they never had seen the superiors of the red legs for unflinching courage and coolness."

I painted a tester for my Zouave regiment, the first of my 5th New Yorkers. These Perry Zouaves are fantastic & beautifully sculpted! More difficult to paint properly then plastic infantry box from Perry Miniatures tough. These fellows will take some time to complete, but of course, it will all be worth it.

I followed drawings from Don Troiani to paint this one up, i think i got everything right. Maybe those knee-pads should be a little more yellow-ish but i can live with that. Enjoy!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

2nd Missouri Cavalry, "Merrill's Horse"

I never got around to posting that cavalry testing-figure, but i believe i got something better... I 'finished' the complete regiment. Only thing left is flag & basing. I'm waiting for Crisis to buy me some good historical flags. Basing is something i will do after reading some good tutorials and after completing a few more regiments.

About these figures, i painted them almost correct i think. Except for a few missing yellow lines on the wrists and collars i should have everything. Unlike Benton Hussars, these are pretty standard uniforms.

Next up on the painting table are my Zouaves, these guys will be painted as the famous 5th New York Volunteer Regiment aka "Duryée's Zouaves". These guys will be painted as historically correct as possible. I'm still waiting on my Don Troiani book btw :-)

Enough gibberish, on to some pictures.

Monday, October 17, 2011

New rulebooks arrived!

As i am playing wargames for only 2 years, i have alot of catching up to do. I try to read alot of forums like The Miniature Page and Lead Adventure. I also like to buy alot of stuff ... and rulebooks. 5 of them just arrived :-)

The Great War and Over the Top supplement, I know, it's Warhammer Historical but i have yet to find another decent book about World War I in 28mm. After a quick browse through the pages it seems like a WH40K-kinda ruleset which isn't bad cause my wargaming buddy was a 40K-addict.

I have yet to check out the Gladiator ruleset but i have heard good things about it. I'm on the lookout for 25/28mm gladiator models on Crisis 2011!

Trafalgar was a must buy for me as i have a 1000pts. British fleet waiting for me at Crisis 2011. Rule Brittania!

Bull Run to Gettysburg is where it's all happening for me. American Civil War!! The downside is, i've read very awful things about Foundry's Waterloo. It is suppose to be one of the worst rulebooks about Napoleonics. So I'm a little sceptic about this one... time will tell.

For those reading this, Warhammer Historical is doing a 50% sale atm!!

On another sidenote, my ACW cavalry is almost finished. I should be able to post some pictures up really soon.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Let's read another one...

Having decided that each of my ACW-regiments must be historically correct, i have bought a new book.

Don Troiani's Regiments & Uniforms of the Civil War is being regarded as one of the most complete books about uniforms from the American Civil War. It's a very useful guide for painting uniforms accurately.

I will need this book when i start painting my second regiment. Starting with the 'Fighting 69th' Irish Regiment, next will be the '2nd Wisconsin', part of the Iron Brigade.

Monday, October 3, 2011

American Civil War, almost...

Indeed, almost done, still need to base them and flag them. I found a nice tutorial to base these fellows. Next unit i'm working on is a cavalry regiment. I'm painting a tester as we speak... should post some pictures in a few days...

So, no more writing, on to some pictures. if anybody has a few tips how to properly photograph a 32-figure regiment, please let me know.