Saturday, October 22, 2011

2nd Missouri Cavalry, "Merrill's Horse"

I never got around to posting that cavalry testing-figure, but i believe i got something better... I 'finished' the complete regiment. Only thing left is flag & basing. I'm waiting for Crisis to buy me some good historical flags. Basing is something i will do after reading some good tutorials and after completing a few more regiments.

About these figures, i painted them almost correct i think. Except for a few missing yellow lines on the wrists and collars i should have everything. Unlike Benton Hussars, these are pretty standard uniforms.

Next up on the painting table are my Zouaves, these guys will be painted as the famous 5th New York Volunteer Regiment aka "Duryée's Zouaves". These guys will be painted as historically correct as possible. I'm still waiting on my Don Troiani book btw :-)

Enough gibberish, on to some pictures.

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