Monday, October 17, 2011

New rulebooks arrived!

As i am playing wargames for only 2 years, i have alot of catching up to do. I try to read alot of forums like The Miniature Page and Lead Adventure. I also like to buy alot of stuff ... and rulebooks. 5 of them just arrived :-)

The Great War and Over the Top supplement, I know, it's Warhammer Historical but i have yet to find another decent book about World War I in 28mm. After a quick browse through the pages it seems like a WH40K-kinda ruleset which isn't bad cause my wargaming buddy was a 40K-addict.

I have yet to check out the Gladiator ruleset but i have heard good things about it. I'm on the lookout for 25/28mm gladiator models on Crisis 2011!

Trafalgar was a must buy for me as i have a 1000pts. British fleet waiting for me at Crisis 2011. Rule Brittania!

Bull Run to Gettysburg is where it's all happening for me. American Civil War!! The downside is, i've read very awful things about Foundry's Waterloo. It is suppose to be one of the worst rulebooks about Napoleonics. So I'm a little sceptic about this one... time will tell.

For those reading this, Warhammer Historical is doing a 50% sale atm!!

On another sidenote, my ACW cavalry is almost finished. I should be able to post some pictures up really soon.

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