Thursday, September 29, 2011

Old Books, New Books! Continued...

Painting is progressing fine, I'm currently painting the last 9 mini's for my first ACW-regiment. We seek to do a Black Powder game by the end of this year so painting a few more regiments is a must... A gaming buddy of mine is painting all his ACW buildings, we have a table of 1.5m x 3m, now only the mini's are needed.

To kill of some spare time i'm reading another book. This one is kinda 'very good'. Overall 5-stars on Amazon. It's titled 'Eyewitness to the Civil War' by National Geographic. An unbelievable book, very thick, 416 full-colour pages. A well presented book also, full of unbelievably beautiful pictures.

It's always fun to notice that painting miniatures from a certain period also sparks my interest book-wise. The American Civil War is no different :-)

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