Sunday, September 18, 2011

Old Books, New Books!

What would make a good Christmas present for my Father? Of course, a book about the Anglo-Dutch wars. He was very happy to see that Osprey is publishing a book about it. A small book to be honest but i'm sure it will hold a decent amount of information, like all of Osprey's books, together with some new drawings of those wonderful ships. Coming out 20 december this is a must buy for me and my dad.

A book i'm currently reading right now is "War at Sea in the Age of Sail". A good book with lots of illustations and a decent amount of text about the biggest battles. From the Anglo-Dutch wars to the Napoleonic ages. It includes a very nice chapter about Trafalgar. This book also includes 'viewed-from-the top'  battle-drawings from day-to-day.

I consider both books a must read for anyone interested in naval warfare...

Also consider checking out this site . It's about some people who are building a Dutch Ship-of-the-Line, the '7 Provincien'. They're building it without plans but from drawings and sketches from the era. Ships weren't build with plans in those days, it was passed on from father to son. The ship is being build with only the tools used by the people from back then.

The work is being payed for by donations so everything is going really slow, they think it will take them about 10 years to finish it. Ships like this were build in 6 months in those days. One of my fathers wishes is to see this ship sail before he ever lays his head to rest...

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