Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My armies, part 1: Dystopian Wars

Greetings all!

This is the first time i'll show some pictures of my armies. First up is my Britannian fleet for Dystopian Wars. I chose the Brits because those ships look awesome. The paint scheme is pretty simple; Grey Iron plating with lots of bling guns and wooden decks. Very WWI-like which i like alot (the bling guns are not so WWI-like tbh).

The British Dreadnought; lots of guns, lots of armour, lots of defences. Add escorts, shield and a fighter CAP and this boat is "unsinkable", just like the Titanic...

Next are the DD's. Lots of torpedoes, Pack Hunter ability & small target. No fleet can run without them.

Last up is the Submarine, this unit suprised me somewhat. Low cost & Ramming, what more do you want? It's a good "finish them off" unit. A little slow but imo they're not a 'Gung Ho' type of unit. Just keep them in the rear and kill anything the comes too close.

Next i will be showing some Flames of War stuff...

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