Sunday, February 26, 2012

Panzer Marsch!

Like i promised, pictures of my Panthers...

I worked about a week on these, using Tom Wise's Painting Guide i had no trouble finding the correct colors. Only difference is that after painting and varnishing i used some MIG-washes. 

Painted as 5th SS Wiking in Poland 1944. I'm gonna use them for my Eastern Front SS-Company of course.

They're are 5 of them, enough to field a complete platoon in any Flames of War list. Cost a little less then 1000pts for your army but they are killer! With it's front armour of 10 and an AT-rating of 14, the enemy has to bring alot of heavy firepower to kill these beauties.

One the waiting bench are 5 Stug III's and 5 Tigers. Also got 4 Konigstigers all glued up but i got some bad luck with these. The boxset in which they came got some missing parts like side-fenders and mudflaps. I mailed Battlefront Support but no reply yet...

I also got my HQ Command Team finished, painted in SS Oak Leaf camo... pictures of those later. On to the Panthers now.

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