Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bring out the guns!

It's been a while since my last post. Alot of stuff going on... My ACW is finished for the time being. Flames of War version 3 is out and we had our second Battledays @ Winxel. Normally we had to play our first game of ACW but due to circumstances we postponed it until mid-april, but i'm still looking forward to it! We played some v3 FoW instead :-)

Another thing to look forward to; Action 2012 @ Rheindahlen Wargames Club. A small but oh-so nice wargaming event. Lots of nice tables and traders. Click here to go to the homepage. I have some small purchases to do; Pickup some Dystopian War, possibly the v1.1 rulebook. Buy some Plastic Soldier Company Half-tracks for my SS-Panzergrenadiers and i need a Jagdpanther Platoon. 

Next to these upcoming purchases i also had some other Flames of War purchases a couple of weeks ago. SS-Mortar Platoon and a complete SS-Panzergrenadier Company. I'm gonna use them for 2 Late War armies. One for the West and the other for the East. My collegue from work is almost done with painting his 101st Airborne. Fearless Vets against Fearless Vets, it's gonna be awesome! We also played our first v3 game last week. It was a crushing defeat for the Soviets. My Grenadier Company massacred 2 Soviet infantry Battalions and we managed to kill 5 tanks in one turn! So far i'm liking the new rules.

Painting is going steady, i'm having an Airbrush-a-thon. Currently painting 5 Panthers (which i will complete today, pictures up soon. I promise!), on the waiting bench are 5 Tigers & 5 Stug III's. The Stug's are for the LW-list. The Tigers are just for fun, maybe i'll need them one day ;-)

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