Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Hats

I needed a break from painting the 'Boys That Wore The Green' so i painted a trooper from the famous 2nd Wisconsin, part of the Iron Brigade.

The casting of these models is alot better than the Irish with overcoats. They're only a bit harder to paint; more colours and detail, but i don't mind... I hope i got this one right, painted as the 2nd Wisconsin at Gettysburg.

I'm also gonna try something new, a quick painting guide for this one. Stay tuned for Irish Brigade painting guide once i got them all finished. All colours are from the Vallejo Model Colour range except the metal parts on the rifle. Here goes...

Undercoat - Black Spray
Uniform - 899 Dark Prussian Blue + Drybrush  865 Prussian Blue
Trousers - 901 Pastel Blue
Leggings - 951 White
Hat, Feather, Shoes, Belt, Ammo bag, Bread bag & Backpack - 950 Black + Drybrush 862 Black Grey
Blanket in Backpack - 992 Neutral grey
Canteen - 821 German Camo Beige
Canteen straps - 826 German Camo Medium Brown
Belt buckle, Buttons & Hardee Hat symbols - 801 Brass
Hands & Face - 955 Flat Flesh
Musket Wood - 872 Chocolat Brown + Highlight 875 Beige Brown
Metal parts - GW Chainmail

All washes are also from the Vallejo range, i use Winsor & Newton Flow Improver to dilute my washes. I had a problem with my black wash (diluted with demineralised water) turning grey when drying. Flow Improver solved my problem for 90%. I blame our government for the 10% that fails...

Hands & Face - 204 Fleshtone Wash (not diluted)
Leggings -  201 Black Wash + (2x) 202 Grey Wash (diluted 25%)
Trousers - 207 Blue Wash (diluted 50%)
Uniform, Backpack, Canteen, Rifle & Hat - 201 Black (diluted 50%)

After that it's varnish time, i don't Gloss Varnish before Matt Varnish. I just give it 3 to 4 thin layers of Vallejo Matt Varnish Spray.

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