Friday, January 4, 2013

Total Battle Miniatures

Making good progress on my 7/2 Half-tracks. Almost finished now. I decided to put them all 3 on a seperate large base, dunno why, i saw it somewhere and it looked nice. Ordered some Panzer Lehr decals from Dom's Decals. Best decals ever...

Like i wrote in a previous post, i ordered some Total Battle Miniatures houses a while ago. 6-7 houses including the big Orthodox chruch. That thing is huge!

Massive Orthodox Church
That one is already painted up and flocked to go with my tables. The rest is waiting in a black basecoat. If you order some after seeing these pictures, make sure you wash that in warm soupy water or you'll be smearing paint all over the place and nothing sticks :-)

Church painted up. Don't mind the Wehrmacht stuff in the background... ;-)
In the picture above you'll notice the green board beneath the church, consider it a teaser for the upcoming posts. It's one part of my gaming board.

All i need on that Russian church is some AK Interactive Green Slime to mimic wood-rot (or how the hell do you write it).

They look darker now...
Getting ready to play a 2000pts battle tomorrow. there's alot of discussion on the official FoW-forums about the Russians not being powerful enough. We'll i'm about to find out. I'll be playing a Heavy Tankovy against, of course, a Panzer Division with everything going from Panther's to Stug's to a Tiger II.

Curious how that one is going to turn out :-/

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  1. That church looks awesome, it seems quite dark and foreboding - a perfect place to put the fear of god into you! I look forward to seeing the modular terrain that you have going there.