Thursday, January 24, 2013

Modular Gaming Board

Hi all,

Just posting some pics of my modular gaming board i recently made. Currently painting my Lehr Panzer IVs, they're almost finished, only need the numbering and some weathering and then it's on to the Panthers or either the Panzerwerfers.

The gaming board is designed so all the pieces can be rearranged according to my needs, there's gonna be 3 more pieces so i can make 2 gaming tables for our monthly 'Battle Days' as we like to call it (Battle Days is our monthly get together where we play wargames all day, there's about 8 of us and it's big fun!). 1 piece will have a river running through it, another will have a western European Village and another one will be ... i don't know yet, suggestions are welcome :-)

Each piece measures 120x60cm and is made with 'being cheap' in mind. A how-to can be found here.
To be honest; i've stolen all of my ideas from BigGav.

For the European town i'm gonna go with houses from a Portugese blog called 'Orange Scenics'. I've found a solution for my cobblestone roads and for my church. It's gonna be awesome!

Oh yeah, almost forgot, i played my first EW desert battle last weekend, it was great... i have some more expansions in the pipeline for my British Desert Army. And before i forget... i kicked some Italian ass!

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