Monday, April 4, 2016

Reboot and some new things

Let's reboot this sucker..., not much to say tbh. To summarize some random things;

  • Painting in the last months (years) was on and off but my drive is coming back.
  • The more you play, the more you paint.
  • Stopped playing Flames of War.
  • Started playing Battlegroup (great rules btw!).
  • Wife got fired from her job after a long serious illness.
  • Started playing modern (still looking for the best rules).
  • Started on my WW2 US Paratroopers.
  • Dead Man's Hand is a pretty funny game.
  • I painted a Dropzone Commander army and i've never played it.
  • Kickstarter is evil, very evil!
  • Got my own 14m² gaming room with a 2.4m x 1.2m table.

Now let's talk some "Modern Wargaming".

We're still looking for some decent rules that include Squad mechanics and decent Armoured Support. Played Oscar Sierra Charlie which is nice but only the Skirmish part is available atm. We also played the FUBAR one-page rules for a couple of times and where it shines in speed and the amount of blood on the table it also lacks in depth and is in desperate need of rules clarification. Not everything can be solved with the throwing of a D6. Spectre Miniatures had, until recently, some beta rules to download which played also very fast and had some great ideas but after some playtesting it became obvious that point values were out of wack and some special rules, and even normal ones, were a little head-scratching (enormous amounts of suppresion anyone?). I heard there will be a full release soon. I recently bought Black Ops from Osprey Publishing, haven't tested them yet but according to some mates is also a skirmish game, with lots of stealth. Soon to find out...

Oh yeah, painted my 28mm Empress British mini's recently, great sculpts! Don't mind the camo uniforms, i took some artisitic freedom to paint these. 8 more in the queue but first some US Paratroopers to fight my Germans.


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