Thursday, February 28, 2013

keine schlacht ohne Panther...

Just in time to squeeze another post in for February...

I like Panthers, as a matter of fact, i LOVE Panthers.

They're very pricey, they are arty & ambush magnet, they die first (at least in my games, damn M10s) but they are so good looking! I don't care if they take up alot of points, i don't care it's just too little for 'too much', it's just too damn cool to play with Panthers.


  1. Tigers are sexy, no question about it, and those are three very sexy kitties. The tank commander is a work of art all by himself. Are they Battlefront? And did you airbrush the camo?

  2. very nice looking Panthers and agreed on your comments, they die fast, they are costly and never quite enough.

    Some indication on the steps/techniques you used to paint them?

  3. Thx for the nice comments. They are indeed BF panthers. I used an airbrush on them, my trusty H&S Evolution :-)

    Steps for painting these, and my other camo vehicles:

    - Prime with Vallejo Grey Primer
    - Bascecoat Tamiya Dark Yellow
    - Camo with Tamiya Olive green and NATO Brown
    - 2x AK Interactive Dark Yellow Filter
    - Gloss or Satin Varnish
    - MIG Dark wash, mostly pin wash
    - Dry overnight :-)
    - Matt Varnish
    - Paint tools, wood, metal, etc...
    - Tracks Vallejo Flat Brown
    - Then AK Interactive Track Wash
    - Dry overnight... again (important)
    - Drybrush gunmetal on tracks
    - Decal time, when dry Micro sol (or set, dunno anymore)
    - Matt Varnish