Thursday, May 10, 2012

SS-Rocket Artillery Battery

Nebelwerfer 41 Rocket Artillery ist bereit!

Only the 2 kubelwagens for the observers i still need to finish. Tomorrow will be a big test for a 1750pts SS-Army list...

Anybody know if you can mix Turning Tide with Grey Wolf. I can only field Fearless Trained Nebels in Grey Wolf while the SS-kompanie from Turning Tide can field Veteran Nebelwerfers...


  1. Great work, love the makeshift barricades. Trained shoots just as well as Veteran though. . . Well, kind of.

  2. Nice, is that the lifecolor paints (and dunkelgelb)?

  3. nope, regular Middlestone, reflective green and chocolate brown :)

  4. looks good nonetheless :-)

    So what's the verdict in regard of the lifecolor set?