Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sometimes you just gotta paint a Konigstiger

"Sometimes you just gotta paint a Königstiger..."
Myself, April 2012

While searching for the correct Dunkelgelb i came across some WW2 Tank Sets from Lifecolor. Not too pricey so i ordered them directly from eBay. About 17€ each. I purchased them because they had a strange approach to the Dunkelgelb, it was very, very light. Considering everything I tried before was either to dark or to greenish I was very, very eager to try it out.

Königstiger (Henschel Turret), Poland 1944

Keeping in mind that it was a light-yellow colour i picked up one of my Königstigers, picked out a camo-pattern and started spraying like a madman! Thinned the Lifecolor with Vallejo Airbrush Cleaner (yes, you read that correctly) and like magic ... it worked!

I tried something like the pattern in the picture above. Used some new weathering techniques and i think, to be honest, it's one of my best pieces of work yet. A medal for me! Huzzah! No really, i like it alot, i have 2 more to paint and then its on to paint set number 2. I'm gonna use that to try some Bulge work...

Enjoy the pictures and let me know what you think!


  1. Looking good. I'm going to try.

    The set 2 is more for early war tanks, correct?

  2. correct, altough there are some colours in it that i consider using for very late war-ish german tanks like the Khakibraun & Rotbraun...

    1. ah ah, I was convinced to try out the set as I don't like so much the green and dark yellow from Vallejo neither from Tamiya. I find then too greenish or too dark.

      What proportion of cleaner do you use in your mix (for airbrushing)?

    2. about 50:50 or 60:40 Paint - cleaner. I had some spiders during airbrushing, next time i'll try dropping the pressure... besides the occasional spider it went ok.

  3. I received the set, the dunkelgelb looks interesting and light. I would have imagined it a tad less greenish and more towards honey like hue