Sunday, January 15, 2012

The wonderful world of ... reading.

Indeed, some new purchases from Osprey Publishing...

They had (still have it seems) a Christmas sale with 45% discount on lots of interesting books. As a gold member i already had 30% discount which meant that for some books I payed no more then 5€! Be sure to check this deal out. Sometimes it pays off just to become a gold member and you get the one-month membership payed back in discounts!

Anyway, a full shot of all my books, enough to keep me busy for a couple of months.

Also, the recent releases from Battlefront's Flames of War titled Grey Wolf and Hellfire & Back sparked my interest in FoW again. To be honest i'm a bit dissapointed by the cost of the Panther in Grey Wolf. Fielding a descent SS-Army with Artillery, Panthers and some Infantry is kinda hard! A friend of mine bought some 1500 points of Late War Americans for the West Front so i will buy Earth & Steel in the future... 2012 is off to a good but expensive start!

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